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A Grand Mountain Scene is a Dissident Gardens related pop-in expo, curated by Joost Emmerik, in which he presents a garden designed and built by Bèr Slangen.


Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


Free entrance

A Grand Mountain Scene is a pop-in expo, curated by Joost Emmerik, in which he presents a garden designed and built by Bèr Slangen. The garden is unique and out of place in the terraced housing neighbourhood in which it is located. Constructed by Ber Slangen in the garden of his house in Maastricht, the garden surprises visitors by its scale and theme. Bèr Slangen found solace after the hardships of the Second World War in bike rides through the Alps. The mountainous landscape and fresh mountain air inspired him to recreate the sense of freedom. He created the garden working from a sense of feeling, rather than botanical and geographical accuracy. Ber Slangen spent many hours sitting on his bench, smoking his pipe gazing into the garden admiring his grand mountain scene.

Joost Emmerik

Joost Emmerik designs outdoor spaces. Inspired by Danish landscapearchitect Sørensen, Emmerik uses simplicity to get the best results. He combines clean lines, robust materials, luscious planting and the element of time into sensuous places that grow richer every year. Trained as an architect and urban designer at Technical University Delft in The Netherlands, he has worked as a designer of outdoor spaces since his graduation in 2004. Emmerik is a visiting lecturer at Technical University Delft and member of the Talent Development Advisory Committee of the Creative Industries Fund.

Dissident Gardens

With Dissident Gardens, Het Nieuwe Instituut focuses on the most current expressions of the classic struggle between nature and culture. The programme includes five exhibitions and a series of lectures and debates. It questions and investigates the most current manifestations of the classic struggle between nature and culture. The exhibition presents influential contributions from designers, architects and artists that allow us to reflect on our current relationship with nature, living-material innovations and the impact of technology on our lives and our environment.

Pop-in Expo

Bi-weekly presentations in the foyer, spotlighting a controversial new design, sensational research, work by an emerging talent or a new acquisition for the State Archive for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning.

Hetty Berens, Guus Beumer, Marten Kuijpers, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Maurizio Montalti, Suzanne Mulder, Marina Otero Verzier, Mark Wigley
Frank Bruggeman, Overtreders-W, Andres Jacques
Boy Vereecken, Bardhi Haliti